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22nd – 24th May, 2024 / Gold Coast – Qld

Presenting at MHomentum

MHomentum is the future of mental health. Together, we'll unlock the potential of cross-sector integration, crafting an ecosystem that breathes responsiveness, compassion, and innovation.

Apply to present at MHomentum in 2024.


Final applications due Friday, December 1st.

Share your work at MHomentum

Why present at MHomentum?

Together, we'll rewrite the future of mental health. Be part of MHomentum and let's create a world where healing thrives. This is your chance to:
  • Share your expertise and knowledge with the wider, international mental health community.
  • Have your voice at the front of the conversations shaping the future of the international mental health sector.
  • Inspire your peers with your ideas, insights, research, stories and case studies.
  • Build your reputation and enhance your professional profile.
  • Build your self-confidence and grow in leadership and influence.


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If you are interested in presenting, keep reading

What content is best to share at MHomentum?

If you are passionate about creating a sector which embraces a holistic approach, seeing patients as whole beings with unique journeys to healing AND you have insights, ideas, research, results or future plans to share - please register your interest to apply now.

The conference committee is looking for presenters who are ready to share:
  • Research findings, data and information which could inspire changes in service delivery and help create a sustainable future for the sector.
  • Case studies which inspire innovations across digital solutions, service delivery models and community connections.
  • Best-practice applications to create immediate improvement for mental health services and platforms.
  • Successful mental health initiatives and projects which deliver immediate and long term success.
  • Culturally responsive solutions for Indigenous, First Nations and CaLD Communities.

Presenters are encouraged to share their powerful experiences that address the conference topics with originality and flare. You can choose to present solo or with a co-presenter or co-presenters.

What we’ll cover at MHomentum 24


MHomentum: Igniting Change for the Mental Health Sector
  1. Embodying Transformation: Industry Leaders and Personal Wellbeing Integrity

    • Navigating Stakeholder Expectations, Self-Care and Authentic Influence
    • Practicing what we Preach: Living our values for Personal Wellbeing
    • Personal Transformation: Cultivating Mind-Body Integration, Mindfulness and Self-Discovery
    • Fostering Effective Transdisciplinary Practice: Overcoming Challenges, Maximising Benefits, and Leading Cross-disciplinary Teams
  2. Beyond Symptoms: Embracing Lived Experience and the Journey to Recovery

    • Embracing Holistic Care: Contextual Assessment and Mind-Body Healing Connections
    • Amplifying People: Educating, Engaging and Collaboratively Planning for Optimal Treatment Outcomes
    • Beyond resilience: Acknowledging Socio-economic Impacts and Supporting Post Traumatic Growth
    • Cultivating Lived Experience Leadership: Transitioning from Personal Journey to Professional Expertise
  3. Breaking Silos: Developing Leadership and Strategic Collaboration in Mental Health

    • Leadership Development, Education and Training
    • Fostering Collaborative Research and Data for practical application
    • Driving Integrated Care and Real-Life Collaborative Achievements
      International Case Studies; Global Collaborations and Service Integration
    • Successful Partnerships for better outcomes
    • Evaluating the Efficacy of Mental Health Initiatives: Strategies and Insights for Assessing Program Impact
  4. Innovation Processes: Building Collaboration within Complex Systems through Design Thinking

    • Fostering Innovative Services through Public-Private Collaborations in Funding
    • Transformative Trends in Digital Therapeutics, Telehealth Innovations and AI-Powered Support
    •  Neuroscience and Mental Health Innovations
    • Innovated Advancements in Early Intervention, Prevention and Innovative Methods of Practice
    • Community-Based Innovations: Grassroots Solutions for Wellness
    • Ethical Considerations and Evidence Building in Mental Health Innovation
  5. Cultivating Cultural Strength

    • Cultural Resilience and Mental Wellness: Indigenous Insights from Land, Spirituality and Storytelling
    • Community/Family/Whānau Led Cultural Mental Health Initiatives and Strategies
    • Indigenous Youth Empowerment and Mental Health Advocacy
    • Lessons and Insights from Cultures across the Globe
  6. CALD, LGBTQIA+, Disability and marginalised communities

    • Promoting Inclusive Mental Health: Amplifying CALD, LGBTQIA+ and People Living with Disabilities
    • Intersectionality and Mental Health: Understanding Overlapping Identities and Challenges
    • Striving for Equity: Community-Led Support and Education
  7. Connecting Hearts and Minds: Harnessing Peer-to-Peer Networks and Youth Led Peer Support

    • Unleashing the Power of Shared Experience 
    • Peer and Lived Experience Led innovations, initiatives, services and acute alternatives
    • Youth-Led Advocacy for Inclusivity and Change
    • Measuring the Ripple Effect: Assessing the Long-Term Impact of Peer-to-Peer Support
    • Creativity and Expression for Youth and Peer Support: Art, Music and Writing as Healing Practices
  8. The Media's and Social Media’s Role for Change in the Digital Age

    • Media and Social Media’s Portrayals of Mental Health: Unpacking Stereotypes and Myths
    • Social Media Communities and Peer Connection for Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination and Promoting Positive Messaging
    • Media as Partners not enemies - Responsible Media Engagement for Policy Change and Ethical Reporting
    • Edu-tainment, the power of utilising the Arts as a vehicle for societal behaviour, and Mental Health system change

Presentation Styles

Oral Presentation

Take to the stage and present to the audience in a 15 or 25 minutes speaking session with 5 minutes for questions.

Masterclass Presentation

Keep the attention of attendees via engaging, hands-on learning experience in a 60 minute masterclass.

Panel Presentation

Panel presentations bring together views from a group of presenters into a discussion of innovative ideas, current topics, and relevant issues. Each panel session will run for 60 minutes and will consist of at least 3 panel members.

Poster Presentation

Visually showcase your research or services via a printed poster, displayed in the conference exhibition area for the duration of the conference. A dedicated 30 minute poster session is included in the conference program. Posters also displayed virtually to e-delegates.

Important Dates


Presentation applications open Thursday 2 November 2023
Presentation applications close Friday 24 November 2023
Notifications to presenters Wednesday 10 January 2024
Acceptances and registrations due Thursday 25 January 2024
Program launch Thursday 1 February 2024
Scholarships close Friday 22 March 2024
Early bird ends Friday 5 April 2024
Conference dates Wednesday 22 May – Friday 24 May 2024