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Taimi Allan serves as the Mental Health Commissioner for South Australia, bringing with her an extensive history of compassionate leadership within the mental health and wellbeing sector. Her own journey with mental health has laid the groundwork for a 20-year tenure in New Zealand, from which she has now returned home to South Australia. There, she held the role of CEO at the region's most established lived-experience organisation, spearheaded pioneering efforts for the national anti-discrimination and prejudice campaign, and was the Director of a Mental Health Innovations company. This company cultivated partnerships among public and private funders, entrepreneurs, and communities to create and implement innovative mental health solutions.

Driven by a personal commitment to suicide prevention, stemming from her own survival of suicidality, Taimi has contributed to and promoted collaborative suicide prevention initiatives worldwide, including in research as well as holding advisory roles in film, television, e-health solutions, and media campaigns. In New Zealand, she fulfilled the role of Deputy Chair on the Suicide Mortality Review Committee and now holds a position on the Suicide Prevention Council in South Australia. Taimi's advisory work with various strategic organisations reflects her dedication to a collective approach. She aims to unify diverse perspectives to develop effective suicide prevention strategies, drawing from indigenous knowledge, insights from individuals with lived experiences of suicidality, and their support networks.