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Martina McGrath is a Lived Experience leader recognised for her contributions to lived experience practice and systems change in suicide prevention and mental health. Martina has significantly contributed to the development of public health policies and practices that better respond to the needs of people who experience suicide and mental health challenges.

Martina is completing a PhD through the Centre for Mental Health, School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne. Martina’s research project focuses on suicidality and disclosure at work, the role of stigma and discrimination as factors influencing disclosure and non-disclosure decisions and understanding how workplaces respond to and support workers who experience suicidality at work. Martina’s project will culminate in the development of best practice guidelines to assist workplaces to be better equipped to respond to and support workers who experience suicidality. Martina has been selected to attend the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Social Equity Institute 2023 Doctoral Academy. She has also worked as a research assistant and contributed to a number of other research projects that focus on responding to social and health issues.

Martina has held positions on numerous state and national-level boards, committees and advisory groups. Martina is also a member of the Australian Institute of Suicide Research and Prevention’s Suicidology Industry Advisory Board (Griffith University) and the University of Melbourne School of Population and Global Health’s Graduate Research Training Committee. Martina is a founding co-chair of the International Association of Suicide Prevention’s LGBTQA+ Special Interest Group.

In addition to completing her PhD, Martina works as a lived experience advisor and consultant on strategic-level projects that use collaborative multidisciplinary approaches to addressing complex social and health issues such as those experienced by people who experience mental health and suicide-related challenges.