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Day One May 22 9:40am-10:45pm

Keynote Presentation

  • Jack Pransky

    Dr Jack Pransky

    Three Principles Author, Trainer and Practitioner: a Coach of Coaches and a Counsellor of Counsellors (USA)

About the Speaker

Jack Pransky, Ph.D., worked in the field of prevention since 1968, conducting trainings around the U.S. and authored Prevention: The Critical Need, the first book to translate research into practical application. In 1991, his life and work changed to prevention from the inside-out after exposure to the Three Principles uncovered by Sydney Banks. He now teaches the Three Principles internationally, wrote ten books, established Center for Inside-Out Understanding, runs advanced mentoring groups and is a coach of coaches. His book Modello: …Hope for the Inner-City and Beyond won the Martin Luther King Award for the book best exemplifying “the beloved community.”